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          CMOS LDO , Regulator, Power management

          • Ultra-low Noise
          • Ultra-Fast Transient Response
          • High PSRR: -87dB @ 217Hz -83dB @ 1KHz -54dB @ 1MHz
          • 0.1uA Standby Current When Shutdown
          • Low Dropout: 140mV@300mA (VOUT=2.8V)
          • Wide Operating Voltage Ranges: 1.6V to 5.5V
          • Current Limiting and Short Circuit Current Protection
          • Thermal Shutdown Protection
          • Only 1uF Output Capacitor Required for Stability
          • Fast output discharge
          • Available in SOT23-5, SC70-5 and DFN1X1-4L Packages

          BL9162 is designed for portable applications with demanding performance and space requirements.
          It is optimized for battery-powered systems to deliver ultra-low noise , low quiescent current and
          high ripple rejection ratio.The BL9162 also works with low-ESR ceramic capacitors, reducing the
          amount of board space necessary for power applications, critical in hand-held wireless devices.

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